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Welcome to Summerlin Academy

Summerlin academy is a private, non-profit organization.

The overriding mission of our school is to endow its students with a love and respect for learning while at the same time inspiring them to seek knowledge independently.

At Summerlin academy, we are striving to create and maintain a place where our students can learn about the beauty of their faith and the richness of the Islamic tradition.  In short, the school has the following primary goals:

·         1. To help our students develop strong, positive Islamic identities.

·         2. To impart to our students a basic foundation in the fundamental teachings of Islam.  This includes Quran, seerah and  islamic history.

We invite you to explore our wonderful school through this program and hope that you will want to contact us thereafter.

Thank you for visiting.

Welcome to our school!

classes are held on Sundays

11:30 am to 2:00 pm

1009 S. Cimarron road
Las Vegas, NV 89145  

mailing address
PO box 60327
Las Vegas, NV 89160

fax - 702-458-2436

voice 702-562-2696

email -

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